Speed Light Band music Usb Sticks swivel flashdrives custom pendrive gifts to commemorate Singles

Speed Light Band music Usb Sticks swivel flashdrives custom pendrive gifts to commemorate Singles
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  • Dimensions:6.5*2.2*0.8cm
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light speed band custom metal Usb disk rotation
Speed ​​of light bands, original music release a new album, custom metal Usb flash disk rotation commemorative gifts, as the first version of the digital music music gift, with music albums. Brushed silver rotating Usb stickscan store more original music data, all the avant-garde music album can be stored inside the Usb disk, flash disk music to commemorate not only easy to carry, and easy to spread!
The speed of light music band custom metal rotation Usb flash disk
Lightspeed name custom business Usb flash disk, mini rotary brushed metal casing, the band chose the flight of pure metal rotation Elf metal Usb drives as a souvenir gift, this music Usb sticks metal shell material is stainless steel, Usb flash drives surface printing band logo, like Music friends will increase understanding. Usb flash memory music album commemorative gifts, business style Usb flashdrives rotating metal is an elf, and we are professional manufacturer of Chinese Usb sticks customized services.
Memorial Band Music custom gift Usb flash memory
Business Usb flash disk rotating metal album, digital storage, elf rotating metal Usb disk custom manufacturer, the speed of light bands, Chinese rock bands. Located in "Rock Home Town" Shijiazhuang, founded in 2002, he began a national tour in 2012, the music. January 25, 2015 debut album "Do not Say Goodbye", derived from the pursuit of music over and longing for the future.

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