Cute Black Penguin Style USB Flash Drives QQ Emoji thumb drives metal sliding button

Cute Black Penguin Style USB Flash Drives QQ Emoji thumb drives metal sliding button
  • Item: metalUSB-00038
  • Dimensions:65x52x2mm
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  • Categories: Metal USB Disk

Tencent penguin custom gift Usb disk animals flashdrives
Antarctic penguin Usb flash disk, metal material, lovely appearance, push pull button hidden in the bottom, which is the most popular network emoji face expression among QQ enterprises, according to Tencent emoji designs, penguin new model usb disk products lovely animals series, penguins Usb sticks has USB 2.0 / 1.1 interface. Penguin sliding metal Usb flash memory main significance is to remind people to love animals and protect the environment, the Tencent company's mascot is penguin, QQ user loves popular favorite Penguins Usb drive, enterprise expression can help you recognize the Antarctic environment.
Tencent emoji QQ penguin sliding Usb flash drive gifts
Creative Usb flash disk cute penguin shape, body fat, red with black metal housing protects the inner core Usb drives, push-button to avoid dirt, Tencent mascot Antarctic enterprises, emoji unique shape. It can be used as Christmas presents or enterprise promotional items.
Sliding style metal Usb drives Animal Penguin Gift
Very cute cartoon penguin Usb flash memory  8GB, which has a black and white big eyes, pointy mouth and red scarf. White belly filled with memory chips, USB interface and flash chips are free to expand, because the push button at the bottom. The most innovative Christmas gifts.
Penguin theme Usb flash disk push-button
Penguin Push Pull Usb flash disk Tencent company customized penguins thumb drives, a little penguin is a large flightless seabird of the southern hemisphere, with black upper parts and white underparts and wings developed into flippers for swimming under water. 

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