Raftis logo branded usb disk white leather Automatic locking

Raftis logo branded usb disk white leather Automatic locking
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  • Dimensions:7x2.7x1.5cm
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Bronzing Raftis Group logo on white leather usb pendrive gift
The Raptis Group is a multi-award winning developer of innovative residential and mixed use projects on Queensland's Gold Coast. A very famous Cyprus Property Developers. We use a custom white leather significance of promotional USB Flash Drive gifts, branded with gold color LOGO of  Raftis Group.
Raftis Group's promotional gifts leather usb flash disk
Raftis Group dates back to 1975 when S. Raftis Co Ltd was founded being one of the first land development companies in Cyprus. The founder and director of the Group, Mr Savvas Raftis is a Civil Engineer and an Architect. His personal experience includes design and construction of major projects in Cyprus, including a number of hotels in Pafos area, and in Libya (1980 -1985) where he undertook the construction of several governmental projects.
white leather usb sticks custom gift for Raftis Group
This stylish white leather U disk, a high-capacity 8GB, but also can be used as a high-grade decorations, hanging your belt or purse or key ring above, very beautiful and practical. Leather U disk can screen out LOGO, color LOGO, also can imprint LOOG, also bronzing LOGO. Printing very large area, highlighting the advantages of LOGO and advertising text, so your brand logo more visible and prominent.
gift usb memory sticks personalized logo of Raftis Group
Metal edges tightly wrapped leather U disk, so this U disk super sturdy, longer life, big key ring, so more convenient to carry. Our leather U disk out of the white as well as black, blue, green and brown can for your choice, multicolor, more capacity to meet the needs of your different promotional gift U disk is not only a gift, but also with advertising nature, allow customers to keep in mind your brand and company name.

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