pattern Leather metal key Usb disk rotation 360 degree embossed logo

pattern Leather metal key Usb disk rotation 360 degree embossed logo
  • Item: KeyUSB-0001
  • Dimensions:56*25*18mm
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  • Categories: Key Shape USB Memory

360 degree rotary key artificial leather Usb disk metal keys in  PU protective cover
This leather key usb flash drive with rotation design, its size is 56*25*18mm, net weight is 28 grams. Metal key holster 360 degree rotating Usb disk, leather shell, pattern can be customized into your logo, different colors can be rotated, zinc alloy key rotation 360 degrees, switch freely, storage practicality and gift key mini high-tech gadgets perfect combination; Key leather goods U flash disk rotating product is a heavy metal silver key memory disk, covered with a leather protective cover, very stylish, high-end business gift features, The key surface is stainless steel polishing wire drawing processing, exquisite fashion, 360 degree rotating leather keypad Usb flash disc with leather material, while Usb pen drive can be the same time, the U-disk can hanging on the key ring as a decoration, leather key holder u disk rotary key has a wide range of applications: the company brand promotion, new product promotion, investment tools. Chinese factory CaraUSB brand custom multi-functional practical leather key u disk, you can also pre-store business website, automatically play video data.
Pattern leather rotary key Usb flash disk comes with PU protective cover
leather protective cover can protect the USB head usb head will not hit, friction and loss, 3gb, 4gb, 8gb, 16gb, 32gb, 64gb storage capacity, double-layer rotation pattern leather leather Usb drive can be rotated 360 degrees, leather key Usb memory disk with a set of Usb flash disc key, depending on leather shell, key shape Usb sticks gift Simple and easy to carry the design principle, the appearance is pattern leather material. Rotating key creative leather case, 360-degree rotating Usb flash disk, you can customize the date of the large meeting, the name of the event, the exhibition site, presented to the participants, one-time souvenirs; enterprises and institutions presented to the customer's metal key rotating leather Usb flash drives, carrying advertising features, with the site publicity, with the user manual, user manual and other information to expand the company's image publicity, very small advertising carrier and very cheap advertising investment; leather key metal rotating usb memory sticks can be used as a key ring Green, black, white, brown, yellow, can also be waterproof, optional capacity 1gb to 64gb, leather shell above can be engraved engraving logo, embossed logo, embellishment logo, embossed logo, embossed logo, embossed logo, embossed logo , Silk screen name or color printing advertising language. 
360 degree free rotation pattern leather key Usb flash disk climbing buckle
Leather key u disk rotation design highlight personalized. The use of leather sleeve rotation design, memory stick can be deducted backpack, key ring, cups and keys and other items, leather material production protective cover for business promotion and chip promotion, trade shows, wedding anniversary and opening ceremony, Cortex, rotary key u disk with large capacity storage. Personalized leather styling rotary key Usb memory drive, distinguished leather, bright color, zinc alloy key surface can print logo, laser logo and color pattern, this high-end key gift Usb flash memory leather case, very suitable for the company Gifts and marketing advertising giveaways.   Whatsapp 008615014148476

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