International Gift Show Trade Expo custom Long crystal Usb disk 8GB

International Gift Show Trade Expo custom Long crystal Usb disk 8GB
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Gift Shows Most Popular Crystal Gift USB Flash Drives
Gorgeous transparent crystal u disk 16gb creative gift is only made for cute girls. this is a long crystal shape USB flash disk with laser lettering, we can engrave 3D logo in the crystal body, or laser engraving logo in the metal hat , very Suitable for business customized gifts, because its 3Dlogo can emit colored light in the crystal body, each flash chip comes with the welding of a small color lamp, LED lamp will work when the power on and then light up that very dazzling colorful 3D logo,highly visible transparent crystal USB flash drives with a stylish personality metal hat surface can also be screen printing lettering, ultra-thin transparent crystal USB flash memory can also move with the cars. Crystal rectangular 16GB transparent acrylic glass usb sticks gift laser custom logo make your advertising is no longer expensive.
Transparent light three-dimensional sculpture 3D logo custom gift crystal USB flash
Ultra-thin Crystal U-disk shine 3D logo Transparent rectangular crystal is a patriotic commemorative gift, transparent crystal lighting effects, exquisite fashion luxury gifts. Crystal exquisite Usb flash disk, it has the function of storing information. Girls love crystals, so you can imagine how much women like Crystal custom USB flash drives. Crystal Usb memory disk looks like a jewelry, outer shells is transparent crystal, square, according to the requirements of the customer to engrave the logo, you can also use other colors  metal hats, CaraUSB for you to select the U disk crystal custom related merchandise: http: //, you can also filter according to the crystal Usb thumb drives shape, flash chip storage capacity, price, and hats color, we are very professional in the usb disk DIY custom, it takes us 2 hours to finish a free sample, you can choose the memory chip capacity of 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB... MOQ is 100 pieces, free engraving corporate logos;
Rectangular ultra-thin transparent crystal USB Disk carving business logo
Crystal U-disk generally use metal hats,zinc alloy material and transparent crystal shell, can be carved corporate LOGO, transparent Usb memory disk combines fashion and technology, the entire crystal transparent shell, compact rectangular shape to meet the current portable storage products, easy to carry, Store large amounts of data at any time, plug and play. Crystal rectangular ultra-thin Usb flash disc with a rectangular shape, simple and naive. Suitable for the International Exhibition Center to purchase promotional gifts,crystal U disk can be customized 3D logo, crystal Usb memorias consists of two parts, transparent crystal and metal lid. The USB connector is equipped with a metal cap. When the USB drive is plugged into the computer, the cubic LED lamp will emit a luster, which makes the logo in the Usb disk very attractive.  Whatsapp +86-150-1414-8476  Skype/Twitter/Wechat: may_yuan_china  Email:   QQ:1945727351

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