metal long bar print outlets loft logo particulate metal USB disk gift

metal long bar print outlets loft logo particulate metal USB disk gift
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  • Dimensions:68*17.5*8.5mm
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USB Flash disk and crystal grains gift set. USB disk surfaces are inlaid with crystal particle simulation. This is CaraUSB launched a high-end office storage and collection gifts. Crystal is the world's most popular decorations, crystal range of applications in various industries, including crystal lamps, crystal glass and crystal USB Thumb Drive, and other industries, to take high-quality cut crystal stones, that is man-made crystal, placed in the USB Flash Memory enclosure inside, sparkling.

Transparent crystal with a black cardboard gift box, black box white crystal, embraced each other, very luxurious gift set. Our USB disk surface, can silk screen print LOGO, green "Outlet x Loft 8GB" very eye-catching advertising words, let your customers to your brand awareness never forget.

The ideal place to buy luxury goods: the 8th Shenzhen warehouse Outlets x Loft is a collection of international brands, shopping, leisure, dining, entertainment, children's education and training, life experience as one of the major Outlets Mall.  Their luxury crystal USB Flash disk is very interested, so this USB disk customized shine slender strip of 23 grams, the pale green silk screen LOGO. 8GB comes with a black cardboard gift box, the number 8 is very lucky number, Chinese people like number 8 very much.

The 8th warehouse Outlets x Loft is located in Shenzhen, brings international and domestic second-tier big Outlets, but also brought together under the line of the city's most popular style restaurants, movie theaters and other 5 star super luxury boutique food and entertainment projects.
In addition to consumer items, the public can also visit the site to experience the country's first rooftop farm, 120 m "natural light" Central Avenue, 8th Avenue, Sunset Plaza, happy day order and other recreational projects.
In addition, the 8th Shenzhen warehouse outlets also set up the first all-ages Shenzhen high-end children's education training center BABY CITY, provide early education, piano, dance, vocal music, language, painting, taekwondo training services to all children.

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