Round magnifying glass crystal Usb disk LED light 3D stereo logo engraved acrylic circle shape

Round magnifying glass crystal Usb disk LED light 3D stereo logo engraved acrylic circle shape
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Round Plating Metal Crystal Diamond Acrylic Magnifier Usb Disk Light Transparent Carving LOGO
Round crystal U disk, magnifying glass shape transparent circle flash disk acrylic material, high-grade crystal gift USB drive custom logo 3D sculpture logo, transparent crystal luminous LOGO, magnifying glass concept products, crystal material can be carved as a unique 3D stereo logo, and built-in LED lighting display , So this round magnifying glass shape crystal U disk to attract the attention of many consumers, Carausb website there are other more novel and innovative LED crystal luminous Usb memory disk, to meet the different needs of end customers. Crystal 3D Engraving logo to three-dimensional rendering in the crystal interior, professional 3D carving printer through the laser beam sent to the point of blasting to create a unique shape or logo. Magnifying glass appearance of the crystal U disk external package of high-grade metal, advertising USB reference magnifying glass shape specially customized, crystal built-in LED lights, light logo logo and corporate logo, when the Usb disc at work, will light up the LED lights, logo will become very obvious. Each crystal pen drive at the beginning of the design already contains the LED lights, each chip are spot welding LED lights, light will illuminate the crystal inside the three-dimensional 3D logo, illuminate the entire logo, which is the customer like the crystal U The reason for the promotion of the gift. LED lighting colors can be customized according to customer requirements, such as red, blue, green, white, orange and so on.
Magnifying glass crystal memory drive transparent flash creative gift flash disk round key ring can be customized light LOGO
CaraUSB launched a crystal series Usb flash drive, then how to customize the transparent luminous magnifying glass crystal Usb flash memory disk logo logo, let it shine and show three-dimensional effect, all the crystal Usb stick is through the laser 3D engraving machine custom logo, if you want to customize transparent Glow magnifying glass Usb thumb drive, just provide your logo logo, or product pattern, our sample time is 1 day. Creative crystal U disk is the latest glowing gifts, change the disk with a cap-style design, cap and metal frame with a stainless steel, the cap with a magnet, our Usb sticks has USB2. And 3.0 interface, crystal part of the shape similar to magnifying glass, Transparent crystal built-in light LED indicator, suitable for public relations planning, opening ceremony, business gifts, advertising promotions, awards, birthday, trade fairs, sports celebrations and other marketing activities.   whatsapp: 008615014148476
Crystal round Usb memory disk custom magnifying glass gift custom LOGO light
Multi-color metal round acrylic crystal u disk LED lights can be carved 3Dlogo promotional gifts USB direct sales round acrylic Usb flash disk crystal usb drives a large number of private grinding a large number of u disk office supplies USB driver round tube acrylic crystal flash disk factory direct custom creative Usb disk Business USB flash disk custom LOGO. We can:
1. According to your request in the U disk, Usb disk packaging custom company LOGO, text and so on
2. Custom Usb memory disk style, color, capacity, packaging;
3. Custom Usb pendrives special features, such as can not delete the contents of Usb memory disk, advertising Usb flash disk, encrypted Usb disk, anti-copy memory disk;
4, customized Usb sticks version such as USB2.0, USB3.0 and so on.

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