flat card wood namecard original maple bankcards usb disk as eco promotional gift

flat card wood namecard original maple bankcards usb disk as eco promotional gift
  • Item: CardUSB-00040
  • Dimensions:85*52*1.2mm
  • E-mail: carausb@qq.com
  • Categories: Card USB Storage Device

By making wooden card Usb disk,now shock listed, and has an alias of wooden card U disk, CaraUSB Usb drive manufacturers professional customize various styles of wooden bank cards U disk, bamboo name card U disk, wood credit card flash disk, personalized gift Usb pendrive and other business card appearance Usb memory disk, custom wood namecards usb drive is green eco items.
USB Wallet Drives Credit Card Style flashdrives boast the largest surface area for your full-color custom graphics
Maple wood card Usb disk custom. Consumers choose maple card Usb thumb drive, if can choose their favorite material, or pay more attention to Usb drives wood namecard high quality and storage accessories, natural wood card Usb flash drives is customized gift, maple rectangle creditcard Usb flashdrive, cards wooden rectangle Usb disk, made of wood material, bankcard appearance, and the standard bank card size, length and width of 85*52*1.2mm, wood card flash disk customizing company logo or brand name, advertising promotions giveaways. carausb@aliyun.com   may.yuan@carausb.com
Custom maple cards USB Drives for professional photographers perfect giveaways
This card type Usb flash is using Maple material, simple fashion, as a gift to highlight the taste and style. Card surface texture clearly visible, excellent grinding polishing process ordered surface is very smooth, delicate design and workmanship everywhere reveal charm of simplicity, printed logo, can be used as flash disk and good promotional gifts.  may.yuan@carausb.com    carausb@aliyun.com
Wood rectanglecredit card USB Memory Disk 64GB
CaraUSB can be customized according to customer requirements, cards business namecard gifts Usb disk, to provide professional wood card flash disk custom bankcard usb storage service, CaraUSB is the largest manufacturer in Shenzhen, supplying wood credit card Usb drives, experienced, welcome to send inquiry to   may.yuan@carausb.com   carausb@aliyun.com ! Now more and more people are for the protection of the environment showed strong concern, all kinds of wooden, bamboo material environmental protection card Usb drive also appears in succession, this natural Maple card Usb flashdrives is consistent with the current green environmental protection fashion, wooden card case flash memory after polishing grinding, visual effect and feel is very good, be regarded as business gifts.

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