Wholesale Creative triangular card type Usb disk triangle shape usb cards flashdrives customized Logo

Wholesale Creative triangular card type Usb disk triangle shape usb cards flashdrives customized Logo
  • Item: CardUSB-00037
  • Dimensions:61x61x61mm
  • E-mail: carausb@qq.com
  • Categories: Card USB Storage Device

Creative triangular shape Usb disk card black colloidal UDP flashdrives waterproof high-definition pattern can be customizedLogo
Triangles card Usb flash disk can not only attract people's eyes, but also show the corporate image, suitable for press conferences, new products, marketing, bidding, sports events, music concerts and drink promotions, trade fairs and other occasions, custom promotional gifts triangular card Usb sticks, small and portable digital storage. its size is 61x61x61mm, net weight is 6.5 grams. Triangles card-thin waterproof business cards Usb disk 4gb advertising customized gifts wholesale pattern.
Triangles card Usb drive Gifts customized document can not be deleted automatically play 8Gb
Business Usb flash memory card, also known as bank card shape U disk, credit card Usb sticks, can be double-sided four-color printing, with a print area, ideal for a printing company logo and more information, it is very suitable for advertising gift promotional gift purposes, Usb drive storage with normal function, but also the new high-tech gifts, customized ads triangular card Usb flash disc. Appearance and surface can LOGO according to demand, the printing company.
USB card flash disk custom triangle pattern definition 61x61x61mm
Custom card Usb flash disk manufacturers triangle latest Usb disk gifts promotional advertising business card usb pendrive USB 2.0 8GB Specials price,Triangles card flash disk advertising gifts is Business Cards pendrive. We will according to your requirements and to provide documents and other information logo, free design effect diagram and printing physical samples, we need to get the company LOGO AI, CoreLDRAW original file, in order to design effects, you can tell the vector and the LOGO pantone color number .

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