16Gb Mini card Usb flash memory sticks creative small square shape pendrive white plastic housing

16Gb Mini card Usb flash memory sticks creative small square shape pendrive white plastic housing
  • Item: CardUSB-00036
  • Dimensions:4.5mm×3.2mm×2mm
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  • Categories: Card USB Storage Device

Bank card U disk small square card credit cards pendrive can be customized LOGO
Square shape Mini Card Usb disk factory direct custom small rectangular cards pendrive,The color logo small square card Usb disk, can color printing on both sides of the school name or company logo, customized gifts in the form of avant-garde fashion, to show the full range of corporate image. Printing business cards small square card U disk can make your corporate image more deeply.
Small square card U disk mini gift card advertise
Custom USB enterprises selling point presentation: 1, the USB printing enterprises of both sides may be required to promote its personalized image, and the entire Great advertising area, there is a strong advocacy role; 2, USB appearance with a creative, attract attention, and therefore has a strong advertising force; both can achieve the purpose of gift adds a strong advertising effect; 3, with USB function, is a necessity and office necessities, and convenient to carry, the use of high frequency and exposure to relatively strong advocacy role on large; 4, USB waterproof dustproof shock, not easily broken, long life and increase the timeliness of advertising; 5, Usb disk which can copy video and promotional materials, and can be done with the client automatically play video deleted can not afford, so you can do active and passive repeated ad. USB for gifts for occasions in which 1, conferences, public relations activities, exhibitions, etc., giving participants as gifts, souvenirs; 2, enterprises and presented to the customer, as product advertising, website promotion, instruction manual and other information publicity carriers; 3, gift or gifts, giving customers;
Square shape Mini Card Usb disk custom small rectangular cards pendrive
Mini Square Usb disk shell is plastic, professional undertaking all kinds of customized gifts Usb disc card, offer free products or private model, praised by customers around the world, quality assurance, price concessions absolute justice. Consumers welcome wholesale orders. Creative small square plastic card Usb sticks can be printed Logo according to customer demand. Weight: 7 grams.
Factory wholesale card U-disk Pepsi promotional advertising flash disk
Creative small rectangle shape Usb disk card, thin plastic card Usb drive 8GB, compact shape, simple design with a rugged ABS plastic material, tipping bucket USB interface, the interface can be freely rotated with the edge of the cards, lanyard hole design, portable portable Usb flashdrives card with lanyard or placed in a purse, to prevent loss, ultra-thin mini card Usb sticks is very popular with users. Small, delicate, portable. Appearance full of personality, with the end of a small lanyard hole, whether it is for personal use or business gifts are the ideal choice. Thank you for your interest in our Usb disc products, if you would like to learn more about other types of card U disk, such as price, specifications and other customized gifts, please feel free to contact CaraUSB.

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