HP imprinted logo personalized usb pendrive 8GB promotional gifts

HP imprinted logo personalized usb pendrive 8GB promotional gifts
  • Item: CardUSB-00034
  • Dimensions:85*52x1.2mm
  • E-mail: carausb@qq.com
  • Categories: Card USB Storage Device

HP custom bank card style usb disk promotional gifts
Card Usb disk is a new concept of gift flash disk, its thickness and business cards, usually made of ABS material, appearance, and Standard Bank card, size is 85 * 52 * 1.2-2MM. Flash disk card can be printed a variety of exquisite color patterns, so it is the most outstanding advertising carrier, as the preferred electronic gifts industry. Gift Card Usb sticks concept corporate advertising films can be stored and catalog description, etc. Usb flash memory chip. Card Usb flash drive general life is 5--6 years, equal companies spend a money to do a few years of advertising, so that by the mouth beer between customer advocacy, more credibility and authenticity, to help customers amount increase.
HP color print branded custom gift card type Usb flash disk promotional tool
Usb disk card can not only attract people's eyes, but also to show the corporate image. Whether it is a press conference, new products, advertising and other promotional, card flash disk can make your corporate image to the next level, the product is not only a business card, Usb pendrive is full-featured, government agencies, professors, artists large amounts of data, designers, etc., can be stored in the Usb flash memory away.
HP brand card type Usb flash memory full sided color printing logo gift promotional items

Theme card Usb disk: the shareholders' meeting listed souvenirs, holiday promotional gifts, exhibition promotional materials, for the enterprise given different themes and content planning, innovation topic, causing consumers to increase product exposure rate, is the best advertising products new media. flash disk can be built within the pop-up ads or movies, with Usb thumb drive every time customers use pop-up ads, so the impression of continuous advertising effect.
HP custom card type Usb pendrive full sided color printing gift giveaways
Graduation commemorative Usb flash disk: Usb disk card Scenic Recreation Area: As the form of commemorative cards, travel cards, gift cards or tickets sold to tourists in the card memory into the advertising content, which can increase profits, but also attract more potential tourists. Every tourists are memorable travel experience, but also to introduce friends and relatives beautiful scenery. VIP membership card Usb pendrive: as an enterprise for customer feedback or reward may be the company's products, the national chain, contact information built into the usb disk. The company directory to make Usb flash memory, and can not be deleted. Customers usually can when U disk to use, but you need to call at any time to find certain information and data, and a thin card Usb drive can be placed in your wallet.

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