STEM Education Foundation custom white metal card usb flash memory gift

STEM Education Foundation custom white metal card usb flash memory gift
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Metal drawing card USB Flash Drive
S means Science, T means Technology, E means Engineering, M means Mathematics. STEM Education Foundation is located in Shenzhen,  They came to CaraUSB and purchased a number of customized USB disk products, white metal card shape, double-sided full color printing LOGO, promote their Education Foundation, we have stored their content and information, so that more people know such a caring welfare foundations and organizations, charitable activities do together.
STEM Education Foundation customized white card usb flash disk
Aluminum metal drawer gift card USB Flash disk parameters:
1. Name card card Usb disk design thickness of 1.8mm, conveniently placed in wallets, purses, carry
2. Metal card USB Thumb Drive outer shell material: Environmental aluminum, lead-free.
3. USB Flash Memory enclosure cards can be customized in any color. Print advertising design, high-definition digital color printing LOGO.
4. The use of ultra-thin seamless embedded design, with shock, can withstand strong external shocks,
5. Ultra-stable level A Flash chip imports, USB 2.0 port,
6. metal card USB Pendrive, in accordance with customer demand customized gifts, let your customers always pay attention to your brand.
7. USB Flash Drives products our custom color, logo printing, color pattern, pre-loaded files, data programming, autorun animation, encrypted data, custom packaging.
promotional gift usb pendrive white metal card usb disk for STEM Education Foundation
STEM Education Charity Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of primary and secondary schools teaching in remote poverty-stricken areas of global public interest organizations. Construction of covering Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia "remote synchronous satellite education network," truly synchronous remote satellite teaching and teacher-student interaction two-way learning, so that tens of millions of children in remote poor areas of urban quality teaching resources can be shared, so that remote children and urban areas, the synchronization with the world.
personalized usb flash memory customized gift suitable for STEM Education Foundation
The card usb disk, metal drawing style USB Flash disk with a strong drop resistance seismic performance. It also has extremely thin shell, most only 3 millimeters thick and weighs only 20g. Up to 16GB, aluminum material, all-metal body, bringing smooth and delicate touch, metal card USB Flash Drive is not just a storage disk, but you can print your company logo. Many business elites "wallet + secretary" multifunction memory sticks. The Global Sustainability Foundation (GSF) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that human beings have access to the tools, knowledge, and opp.

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