Customized CD design usb flash disk floppy blue bootable plastic memory sticks

Customized CD design usb flash disk floppy blue bootable plastic memory sticks
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CD shaped blue plastic Flash Disc Makers
Promotional Customized Mini CD in blue, plastic slim USB Flash Disk CD apperance, to save money at Wholesale rate, CD theme Gifts suitable for Entertainment industry, Promotional Mini USB Flash Disk CD design and Customized Mini CD stylish blue plastic USB Flash Memory.
Custom printed CD Blue USB Flash Drives
CD disc shape, very thin, USB Flash disk is rotating style, if you like singing, like DJ, you should have a CD-shaped USB Flash disk, is a good show off. It looks like a CD, also has USB flash disk storage function, 2-in-1 design, great gift ideas. We can full color printing your LOGO. Free design samples.
Custom CD Template USB Flash Drives
CD is the English abbreviation of Compact Disc, meaning that high-density disc, that disc. CD is the late seventies evolved from bakelite records, through continuous improvement and development, growing range and get a wide range of applications. So far, more than a dozen CD-ROM products, varieties. CD-R Full name: Compact Disk-Recordable, is a write-once, read-permanent standard. After the CD-R discs, which can no longer writing the disc. Burn the resulting discs can be read on a CD-DA or CD-ROM drive. CD-R and CD-ROM works the same laser irradiation through a change in the reflected light of the "depressed" and "ground" on the disc to be read; the difference is that CD = ROM of "sag" is printed, and CD-R is fired by a burner from.

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