polyester white nylon cheap lanyard usb flash with plastic detachable buckle badge Keychain Holder

polyester white nylon cheap lanyard usb flash with plastic detachable buckle badge Keychain Holder
  • Item: PlasticUSB-00090
  • Dimensions:21.5x2.5x3cm
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  • Categories: Bracelet USB Flash

premium gifts printing brand white buckle lanyard usb disk 8GB 16GB 32GB
Lanyard Usb memory sticks products from Shenzhen CaraUSB factory, pure white nylon silk lanyard Usb disk, also known as the ribbon USB flash disk, can be used as mobile phone lanyard, work sling, brand hanging rope, Features and gifts in the shape of the U disk, flash disk chip is hidden inside the white buttons, the exhibition gift creative personality personalized lanyard Usb memory disk, its low wholesale price received around the world gift traders love. The shell material is plastic and nylon silk, belonging to the digital storage portable products. Cute hanging neck type new mobile phone camera lanyard Usb pen drive, you can print the customer's advertising, storage capacity of 2GB, 1GB, 8GB, 4GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, If you are still looking for mobile phone lanyard, documents lanyard, exhibition lanyard and other rope. Can be found CaraUSB, we according to customer requirements or model-made lanyard Usb flash drive, buckle lanyards Usb drives can also be used as a kettle strap; brand lanyard; mobile phone sling and other purposes.
white nylon cheapest custom usb lanyards 4GB usb flash memory with a buckle
U disk factory custom exhibition lanyard Usb flash disk, this lanyard buckle memory disk can be used as a license file harness, Usb disk and lanyard interdependence, mobile phone lanyard or chest lanyard Usb flash, very suitable as a gift, gift to Quality staff, Usb flash disk lanyard customization of the name of the staff and the company logo, and then our lanyard colors have a variety of different colors, digital products linked to their own slogan, great chest jewelry, nylon white sling Usb thumb drive Can be as exhibitions and games and other major events of the eye-catching gifts.

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