Founder square rectangular wrist strap Silicone Wrist band usb flash drive colorful soft bracelet

Founder square rectangular wrist strap Silicone Wrist band usb flash drive colorful soft bracelet
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  • Dimensions:202mm * 12mm * 2mm
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fashion accessories usb flash disk bracelet gifts
Founder square rectangular wrist strap usb memory, colorful soft Usb disk wrist strap, U disk hidden into the wrist band, very beautiful wearable Usb drive products, wear the Usb disc on your wrist, feel free to share your data and information, printing logo, customized advertising text, advertising wrist with Usb flashdrives is 2016 summer the most unique digital gadgets.
promotional advertising wrist band usb pendrives
Stylish personality wrist Usb flash memory sticks, its simple appearance, free disassembly design, easy to carry, wearable digital storage devices, healthy portable Usb disk. Do not need to install any drivers, do not need additional power, compact size, chip capacity up to 16GB, 8GB, 32GB, beautiful fashion wrist flashdrives. The color of the wrist band is orange, purple, black, white, red, yellow, green, blue, etc., you can also customize the color you like.
business gifts bracelet shape usb flash memory sticks
Gift Bracelet Usb 2.0 flash disk is a creative custom wedding gifts, can also be used as a holiday home, promotional gifts, colored silicone wrist band Usb drive is lucky strap shaped objects, environment-friendly silicone material, soft to the touch, the size suitable for adults and children, young people wear the wrist strap Usb memory disk, it is cool decorations.
Commemorative gifts usb flash disk bracelet design
CaraUSB Provides wrist Usb disk various series bracelet shapes, wrist Usb flash drive wholesale, wrist style Usb sticks style diversity, safe, non-toxic, not to stimulate the skin; a variety of colors at random selection, can be printed LOGO, five years quality assurance. Silicone bracelet memory sticks, Silicone Wrist band usb flash drive, The first popular in the United States, is now popular worldwide, silicone bracelet is nowadays a very popular hand. Different colors, different shapes of the silicone bracelet Usb disk, made of environment-friendly silicone material, no cracking, using life is long, the shell material soft texture, bright colors, fashionable, very popular fashion jewelry, worn on the hand, fans and promotion. Carving logo, printed logo, the product applicable to various entertainment field, silicone bracelet can participate in various activities of the organization, brand promotion, sports events and other, custom wrist strap gifts, souvenirs, advertising sales promotion gift.

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