Color Silicone wristband Usb flash disk silicon bracelet gifts

Color Silicone wristband Usb flash disk silicon bracelet gifts
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Color Silicone wristband Usb flash disk silicon bracelet gifts, Silicone wristband Usb disk is a custom logo commemorative handicraft used in various social celebrations. The main component of the silicone wristband USB flash drive is silicon dioxide, chemically stable, non-flammable, odorless, economical and environmentally friendly, and beautiful. Colors are arbitrarily chosen. Various lengths of men's U disk wristbands, or ladies wrist Usb thumb drives, can be locked with a key chain firmly wrist, silicone wrist Usb memory disc with a very smooth surface, suitable for silk screen logo, not suitable for color printing logo.
Multi-color silicone bracelet soft USB drives custom corporate logo
When you attend all kinds of promotional activities and travel, how to customize the souvenirs of the attractions, I tell you that the silicone color bracelet USB flash drive will be a logo gift for celebration activities or promotional souvenirs for tourist attractions. In addition to the ordinary style of glossy silicone wristband, you can also customize the transparent fluorescent silicone wristband Usb flash memory disk, or concave oil wristband USB flash memory drive, especially suitable for all kinds of hotel activities, star concert activities, charities, social groups, tourist attractions.
Sports Games personalized silicone bracelet color logo USB flash memory 1GB 2GB cheap gifts
Color silicone wristbands usb flash disc can print with colorful LOGO, logo customization style can be varied: embossed, concave, silk screen, concave color, embossed printing, etc. Silicone wrist strap shell color is divided into different colors: solid color, points Segment color, spiral color, luminous, thermochromic, photochromic, UV bracelet, etc. Soft silicone color bracelet with USB flash drive is widely used in various social welfare activities, such as promotional gifts, hotel opening, star concerts, advertising company planning, charity events, tourist attractions and other celebration activities. CaraUSB can make corporate logo colorful silicone wristband Usb memory flash disk.
Outdoor sports color silicone hand with USB disk 8GB promotional gifts
Casinos often choose color green silicone wrist band USB drives as personalized gifts, souvenirs, promotional items. Silicone wristband USB flash drives is a fashion accessory; it is also a low-cost advertising carrier and highly effective advertising promotional gift. Summer outdoor sports, silicone wrist usb sticks can attract people's attention, wearing the trend of wrist ornaments. bracelets USb memory disc with customized English words or advertising words will be displayed to more potential consumers. Whatsapp: +8615014148476 Wechat: may_yuan_china QQ: 1945727351

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