cylinder wood 2600 mAh bamboo column shape round powerbank eco natrual gifts

cylinder wood 2600 mAh bamboo column shape round powerbank eco natrual gifts
  • Item: PowerBank-0036
  • Dimensions:102x28x28mm
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2600 mAh rechargeable cylinder wood powerbank eco bamboo mobile powerbank cylindrical wooden
Wooden creative powerbank 2600mAh, which is our own design portable charging device, USB, mobile phone partner. Most guests can think of wood cylindrical power bank created hardships, wood shell made mobile power! In the gift market continues to introduce new situation, we still insist on doing the best mobile power cylindrical wood! Our wooden power bank 2600 Haoan will win everyone's favorite.
Mobile power bank 18650 wood grain mobile charger 2600 mAh bamboo cylindrical
Wooden 2600MAh portable powerbanks charging treasure gift cylindrical wooden cube Specifications: Brand: OEM customization, product name: wood mobile power bank,
Input voltage: DC5V 1A (nax)
Output voltage: 5V / 1000mA (Max)
Battery capacity: 2000 ~ 3000mAh
Size: 105 * 23 * 23mm
Net weight: 75g
Product Material: pure wood + plastic
Accessories: power to the host + USB charging cable + beautifully packaged
Gift mobile powerbanks single 18650 battery cylinder shape wood mobile power bank2200mah
2600mah wooden power bank with 18650 Battery Packs Custom usb gift, it is cylinder shape, made of wood,eco friendly wooden outer housing, net weight is 70 grams. Of course, people are most concerned about is portability. 12mm thickness, weight 78g, light and portable! Literary fresh green wooden powerbanks 2600 mAh. Our designers each piece must subvert conventional design, redefine the aesthetics of life, we have only the most simple, good-looking, fun, intentions wood products to everyone. And we also gain all of our favorite products. For example, wood products, the Chinese culture can be traced to the wood su to thousands of years ago, a simple wood cutting, tenon, sanding may have a sense of life. Wood made the brand power bank, most appealing to people's feelings and environmental philosophy.
cylindrical wooden 2600MAh portable powerbank charging device wooden cube ceremony

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