solar powerbank 2600mAh 2600mAh Metal box shape colorful power bank

solar powerbank 2600mAh 2600mAh Metal box shape colorful power bank
  • Item: PowerBank-0096
  • Dimensions:120*73*10mm
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Solar energy powerbank 2600 mAh charger for mobile phones
Solar powerbank 2600 mAh polymer core metal ultra-thin aluminum alloy mobile phone charger, available capacity 2600mAh; 1800mAh; 1000mAh; powerbank Product Size: 120 * 73 * 10mm; solar power  banks 2600mAh, electrical input: AC100V-240V; Colors: black, silver, blue, red, and gold;  battery capacity: 2600mAh; power core polymer lithium-ion battery; metal shell, ultra-thin design, intelligent technology, fine on the grade, for Iphone / Ipad, all Mobile phone, MP3 / MP4, headlights, outdoor light mobile digital backup. With intelligent control circuit to protect the short circuit, overcharge, over discharge and overcurrent, to ensure that your product will not be subject to any damage when charging, with it so that you travel worry; products in order to adapt to the unified specification of digital products using USB2 .0 output, universal now all the appliances. Applications: ipad, iphone, other brands of mobile phones, digital cameras, PSP, MP3, MP4, DV and other digital products; large capacity: 2600mAh high-capacity lithium-ion batteries in a solar energy power bank.
solar powerbank 2600mAh metal powerbanks chargers
Metal box shape, solar energy powerbank, is a portable USB charging device for  mobile phone charging, when outdoor travel time,as additional storage power suitable for digital small electronic products , at any time to solve your power outages, as a professional Shenzhen powerbank manufacturers, Carausb can do any custom power bank gift needs, print your company logo to the Power bank surface, or laser engraving advertising logo and other marketing information, a special gift box, and battery capacity can be based on your advertising budget to meet your Any promotional activities and branding activities, the price of solar powerbank 2600mAh can be very low, because its capacity is only 2600mAh.     Whatsapp +8615014148476    Skype: may_yuan_china
energy solar metal powerbanks 2600mAh square shape in colorful

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