cartridge clip shuttles shape powerbank 2600 mAh shuttle power bank backup battery

cartridge clip shuttles shape powerbank 2600 mAh shuttle power bank backup battery
  • Item: PowerBank-0012
  • Dimensions:98*28*23 mm
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  • Categories: Power Bank

Shuttle shape 2600 mAh powerbanks
Shuttle powerbank has 2600 mAh, its Dimensions: 98 * 28 * 22mm, contains 1 piece 1650 battery, powerbanks shuttle backup battery Can be equipped with capacity: 2600mAh, shuttles power banks Material is ABS plastic, total powerbank 2600 mAh Surface process PC highlights. the input: DC5V-1A Output: DC5V-1A, there are four LED battery indicator light, powerbank bare weight: 95 g, available shell Colors are blue / yellow / black / red / green.
cartridge clip powerbanks 2600 mAh
usb charging powerbank can print with any company logo, screen print , full color print or customized powerbank package box. every detail can be customized customers logo.
shuttles customized power bank 2600 mAh
this is a plasitc powerbank 2600 mah, shuttle shape, very cute promotional backup batteries for smart mobile phones, suitable for small digital device, including MP3, Ipod, mobile phones etc. USB charging cable to charge, portable to carry an 2600 power bank as extra power supply, especially for outdoor or travel, let your trip more fun, never worry about power cut.
power bank shuttle backup battery 2600 mAh
Shuttle is travel regularly between two or more places. also can be made of a wooden device with two pointed ends holding a bobbin, used for carrying the weft thread between the warp threads in weaving. white plastic ABS material made a shuttle powerbank charging device, portable extenal power supplier for smart phones, 2600 mAh capacity power device can be best promotional giveaways, let your customers have your logo, display your logo when they charge their cell phones, everyone must own a shuttle powerbanks 2600 mAh usb charging battery, never cut power down.

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