Hoco White slim 5000 mAh power bank Ultra thin plastic mobile phones charger

Hoco White slim 5000 mAh power bank Ultra thin plastic mobile phones charger
  • Item: PowerBank-0095
  • Dimensions:13.5x7x0.9cm
  • E-mail: carausb@qq.com
  • Categories: Power Bank

Hoco custom promotional 5000mAh powerbank in white plastic thin power banks
Ultra-thin plastic fashion Powerbank, new listing, there are two charge capacity, 5000mAh is the most popular today, because it is only 13.5x7x0.9cm size, product weight is 112 grams. Your smart phone the best extra backup power, ready for your various types of small electronic equipment charging, to solve your mobile phone power shortage problem. if you want 10000 mAh, we can also supply, its size is a little than this size. Hoco logo lights up in LED lights, 25% 50% 75% Remaining power display, smart USB chargers for Iphone or Android cell phones. Intelligent digital display powerbanks 5000 mAh be hidden in your pockets, Business travel or long-distance travel USB charger essential items to help you solve the phone charging trouble.
Hoco brand powerbank gifts 5000mAh mobile chargers 2 USB ports
Ultra-thin plastic powerbank is a very popular gift, at the moment carry the charger, a large area, you can screen printing or color printing ads, website and company name, very cost-effective custom gifts, give customers will be the customer's praise. Feel the more thin, the volume is about small, the lighter weight, powerbank product heat will rise, while customers prefer simple and stylish ultra-thin large capacity capacity banks, such as this white plastic ultra-thin 5000mAh powerbank, easy to put your Wallet, and cosmetics are also easy to put together. www.carausb.com  may.yuan@carausb.com  carausb@aliyun.com   Skype: may_yuan_china   whatsapp: 008615014148476 

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