plastic power bank Thin crystal luminous rings 5000mAh mobile powerbank charging device

plastic power bank Thin crystal luminous rings 5000mAh mobile powerbank charging device
  • Item: PowerBank-0083
  • Dimensions:146x59x13mm
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plastic LED light power bank slim type
This is a slim plastic power bank 5000 mAh with a big transparent hole, its size is 146x59x13mm, net weight is 139 grams. Product Details:
1. Capacity: 5000mAh, two-piece original Apple phone batteries concentrated.
2. Output: 5V / 1A Input: 5V / 1A;
3. Cool touch buttons, long life, ultra-thin 9MM, Standard USB output;
4. The shell is made of aircraft-grade aluminum matte anodized;
5. The use of leading technology imported high-performance polymer batteries, environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic, long after 500 cycles can guarantee more than 80% of electricity, etc.
6. The use of intelligent automatic short circuit protection design;
7. 4 LED lamp display power, accurate display of power consumption;
8. The belt can give all USB / 5V charging devices;
Thin crystal luminous rings Lord of the Rings bag mobile power mobile power light-emitting crystal
Creative mini ultra-thin light-emitting rings personalized mobile phone three star powerbank; 1) This product is applicable to all types of mobile phones with USB input interface and digital products; 2) be applied to many different types of adapter, compatible with almost all mobile phones and digital products with USB input interface, 3) may be charged for the following products: Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, MP3, MP4, GPS, smart phones, Bluetooth devices, some of the tablets, and other digital products, 4) intelligent power management IC, overcharge, over-discharge protection, short circuit; 5) single-chip control, stable quality, high conversion rate ; 6) 5000MA high-capacity, high-performance, high-quality.
Crystal mobile power charging treasure thin crystal luminous rings mobile power 5000mAh
Thin crystal luminous light-emitting crystal rings mobile power mobile power charging treasure bag Rings, Color: yellow, blue, white, black, pink, purple,[Batteries]: lithium-ion polymer,[Capacity]: 4000 mAh ,5000 mah, Input: 5V / 1A, [Output]: 5V / 2.1A , Size: 118 * 14 * 58mm, [Weight]: 138 grams.
Beautiful fashion Crystal luminous rings Crystal mobile power mobile power light emitting rings Lord of the Rings handbag

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