slim metal round Mirror powerbank 3000mAh purple color with LED light

slim metal round Mirror powerbank 3000mAh purple color with LED light
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  • Dimensions:98x98x21mm
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purple mirror custom powerbanks 3000 mAh portable charger mobile backup battery
Round makeup mirror powerbank, its shell craft is electroplated plastic, exquisite and nice and lovely.For girls preferred gift, round cake shape powerbank, purple spread to your mind and love, the couple between the best essential goods, beautiful Customized 3000 mA Purple Cosmetic Charger The entire surface of the treasure can be printed logo or laser engraved text.
purple mirror design power bank 3000mAh powerbanks can laser engrave Logo
The new purple large capacity 3000 mAh and safe powerbank, the girls most like to bring it, because the 3000 mA purple purple mirror POWER BANK, its color is similar to the cherry pink purple, high-end luxury gifts, low-key publicity high-end Mobile power, ultra-thin round cake shape, very suitable and put together with cosmetics, easy to carry,Especially like makeup mirror and powder, open powerbank, which mosaiced 2 mirrors, very cute round mirror powerbanks shell surface, can display large area logo. Bright make-up mirror, and stylish and nice can also help you makeup at any time to light your beauty. Go out or travel, do not take other mirrors.
3000 mAh mirror shape power bank purple mobile charger with LED light
It has two USB jacks can be connected, gently click, purple circular mirror powerbank will automatically open, all the switches are on the side, very thin and portable mirror with power bank product, built-in halo LED, LED The switch is also on the side, gently slide it, the mirror powerbank light ring will be all lit, very beautiful make-up effect, even at night to use it, is also visible. White LED light ring around the mirror, the effect of light, really super nice! This powerbank product shell color and gold, silver and purple, I like violet. Purple mirror LED light 3000 mAh powerbank material is aluminum alloy body, with ultra-gloss plating method to make the appearance look so delicate and beautiful, high-end atmosphere of luxury fashion, looks really dazzling. The internal battery is also very particular about the use of the SAMSUNG SDI batteries, its discharge rate is high, at least charge and discharge 500 times, super durable battery advantage! Standard accessories have a charging cable, as well as color box retail packaging. If you like makeup mirror LED light ultra-thin metal 3000mAh powerbank, it can help you make-up and lighting, you can also keep your phone charging, really is too convenient digital charger! Charging is also very convenient, with a USB charging cable directly connected to the phone and powerbank. Travel on the outside, travel to live in the hotel, purple metal ultra-thin mirror LED lights powerbank to charge your phone, so you get plenty of rest, so your journey is very comfortable! Look forward to Carausb's new powerbank, then contact us quickly.

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