House doors industry gift plastic card mobile powerbank charging device 2500 mAh

House doors industry gift plastic card mobile powerbank charging device 2500 mAh
  • Item: PowerBank-0005
  • Dimensions:96*62*6.6mm
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  • Categories: Power Bank

2500 mAh power bank credit card shape
Interior decoration custom gift card type mobile powerbanks 2500 mAh capacity, its small size is 96*62*6.6mm, available capacity from 1800 mAh, 2200 mAh , 2500 mAh, 3000 mAh and 4000 mAh, up to your choice, the card two surface can print any company logo, full color advertising info or silk screen print logo, we use transparent plastic PP box as its packing box, very luxury accessory, this looks very high end gift set.
white plastic name card appearance power banks 2500 mAh
This small card usb interface power bank has its own usb charging cable, and its weight is 66 grams, light weight so easy to carry, many industry are thinking about digital unique gadgets as their giveaways, normally, name card plastic power bank is good ideas, due to its flat big surface can display advertising info, also the card can easily insert into wallet or backpack, very mini and slim desing. 2500 mAh power bank is small capacity, very cheap but can charge any Android mobile phones, well, we can send you a adapter of Apple, Iphone use this adapter , so card powerbanks can charge Iphone too.
bank card power bank 2500 mah small cards backup battery
Each one of the doors of the building materials home decoration is very important and crucial choice of doors, Xiao Bian also been introduced before the doors of how to pick and choose the right doors is not easy, not only to the quality of clearance, security clearance, but also to match home decor.

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