AXA Tianping P&C Insurance customized powerbank 10400 mAh backup battery gifts

AXA Tianping P&C Insurance customized powerbank 10400 mAh backup battery gifts
  • Item: PowerBank-0003
  • Dimensions:90.4 * 77 * 21.6mm
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10400 mAh super capacity power bank in gold Xiaomi branding
AXA Tianping P & C Insurance Co., Ltd. is the largest foreign property insurance companies on the Chinese market, determined to become the leading brand in Internet safety; CaraUSB customize powerbank 10400 mAh gifts, aluminum outer housing, silk screen print blue logo, very luxury feeling, metalic power bank has 10400mAh capacity, can charge your mobile phone or Ipad. Android cell phone or Iphone all are suitable.
Xiaomi branded powerbank 10400 mAh capacity promotional gifts
AXA Tianping P & C Insurance Co., Ltd. is a large-scale foreign property insurance companies, the Group operates in around 57 countries around the world, serving customers worldwide one hundred million! China auto insurance, superior brand value, excellent professional ability for you to customize a variety of insurance programs, to provide you with a more comprehensive protection, worthy of your trust!
Gold powerbank metal outer housing 10400 mAh laser Xiaomi products
This rectangle power bank 10400 mAh golden housing, suitable for many company or industry promotional gifts, it is digital gifting. Gift companies, wholesalers, buy, hotels, restaurants, to buy the company to provide the best quality supply. Taobao is the best place to find sources of goods, shop purchase channels, students start employment, employee benefits company supply procurement can be customized for the enterprise business logo.
Xiaomi brand power banks 10400mAh prmotional giveaways
Mobile powerbank dedicated to R & D and European markets, champagne gold universal mobile power 10,400 mA high-capacity mobile phone charging device,Brand: OEM, size: 90.4 * 77 * 21.6mm, Material: high-grade aluminum, color: black, silver, gold Tyrant , blue, green, red, etc., can be customized color, logo: screen printing, full color printing and laser, Xiaomi mobile power charging treasure Features: 1 Capacity:. 10400mAh, use the brand A product of lithium batteries. 2. USB output, 5V / 2.1A, can give your phone or tablet fast charging. 3. Micro USB interface input: 5V / 1.0A 4. weight 230g, portable, and can charge the phone 4-5 times.

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