yellow-fin tuna theme powerbank 2600 mAh promotional charging device gifts

yellow-fin tuna theme powerbank 2600 mAh promotional charging device gifts
  • Item: PowerBank-0015
  • Dimensions:105*25*22mm
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yellowfin tuna 2600 mAh powerbank promotional gifts
Plastic tuna power bank is popular with mobile phone enthusiasts. Tuna is a large and active predatory schooling fish of the mackerel family. Tuna powerbanks 2600 mAh has a lovely shape, outer housing is ABS material, with a white lanyard, very portable charging device. 
yellow-fin tuna shape plastic powerbanks 2600 mah
Tuna power banks 2600 mAh Found in Carausb, it is extensively commercially promotional gifts, and is popular as a game fish theme usb charging device. The aim is to reduce the advertising cost, we can screen print logo , full color print text, while allowing customer's brand name or web site address display, oceanic sharks and tuna shaped powerbank can replenish your marketing. a cactus that produces tuna, widely cultivated in Mexico.
tuna fish design plastic powerbank 2600 mAh
Mobile powerbank tuna shape, with charging protection. But when mobile phones or digital products power adapter, instead of the traditional AC-DC charger. USB data cable, support for smart phones and digital products, mobile power products using inefficient consumption when designing a circuit to store energy and charge the phone conversion rate of 85%. Automatic power-off, power consumption will not cause movement, internal capacity: the use of Grade A batteries internal resistance of 60 or less, and more than 500 cycles, the capacity is higher than the standard capacity. Short circuit protection overcharge protection overdischarge protection temperature protection monitoring
tuna fish customized powerbank 2600 mAh with LED light around
Mobile Powerbanks 2600 mA tuna accompanied by color LED, surround around, charging red light, full charge and discharge, the blue lights. Size: 96 * 24 * 22MM weight is 110g, accessories: carton packaging, with a USB charging cable.Input voltage: 5.0v ± 0.3 built-in battery capacity: 2600mAh Input Current: 1000MA Cycle life: ≥500 times the output voltage:. 5.0V ± 0.3 Output Current: 1A, Color: black, white, pink, blue, green, purple, yellow. Charging time: 5-6 hours, discharge time 3-4 hours, charging: 4.2V, discharge: 2.9-3.1v

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