Thin polymer Universal Mobile Power banks 5000 mAh phone charging treasure gift extra devices

Thin polymer Universal Mobile Power banks 5000 mAh phone charging treasure gift extra devices
  • Item: PowerBank-0066
  • Dimensions:131x75x11mm
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The new ultra-thin metal box shape Mobile Power 5000 mAh polymer battery
Here is our new power bank shaped, metal casing and its size is 131x75x11mm, net weight is 135 grams. Aluminum housing 5000 mAh power bank, can be oxidized to gold, silver, red, purple, black and other colors. Very nice design, large squares, a smooth surface can be screen printing, full color printing or laser engraving logo. Our mobile power bank products are neutral, itself without any logo or brand, all items to meet the needs of customized gifts, help all customers realize the idea of promotional gifts purposes.
Neutral polymer thin aluminum 5000 mAh mobile power bank charging treasure large capacity universal gifts
Technology Seminar in China  Welcome to ABOV Semiconductor, In the United States, NEXT Generation HEX format for all of ABOV MCUs No need to set any of setting Device Info. And Config. ABOV is a logic device with a variety of MCU and solution providers. Products have been recognized by customers in terms of price, quality, delivery and quality technical support. In addition, modern microcontrollers MDS simple and convenient solution that allows customers to timely development of large-scale production in the target application. With a variety of business experience and understand a variety of industries ECO system knowledge. ABOV has achieved success in the world's major customers. ABOV is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Ochang Chungbuk (South Korea), the main R & D centers and sales offices in Seoul and Cheongju (South Korea) and Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hong Kong.
Wholesale Gifts Mobile Powerbank 5000 mAh Apple Samsung millet phone universal charging
Metal Power Bank, Capacity: 3.7V/5000 mAh, 18.5wh, Input:5V/1A, Output1: 5V/1A, Output2: 5V/1A, don't crush puncture incinerate or short external contact, made in China
Ultrathin polymer 5000 mAh mobile power bank charging device Universal Mobile customized gifts Logo
we supply yellow paper package box, to pack every metalic powerbank 5000mAh.

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