Universal Samsung brand mobile power bank 8000 mAh anodised aluminum metal shell 4 color options

Universal Samsung brand mobile power bank 8000 mAh anodised aluminum metal shell 4 color options
  • Item: PowerBank-0084
  • Dimensions:13.2x7.5x1mm
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  • Categories: Power Bank

Samsung's new ultra-thin metallic high-end universal mobile power banks charging treasure 8000 mAh
Ultra-thin polymer mobile power 8000Mah mAh, Samsung Xiaomi smartphones Apple portable charging devices, including mobile power products, crystal box packing, USB charging cable; Product enough capacity 8000 mA; CaraUSB, Shenzhen factory direct, practical new hot mobile power supply, support OEM custom logo, print advertising signs according to customer requirements. Aluminum metal shell, perfect arc design, business preferred. Built-in import IC, multi-overcharge protection, safety is the last word. Four lights display four kinds of remaining power status, the classic ultra-thin design, business travel, easy to carry, ready to activate your side of electronic products, to maintain electrical energy continuously, USB interface design, while two continuous electrical and electronic products, smart phones convenient backup power. 4 colors: gold, black, silver, red. may.yuan@carausb.com  carausb@aliyun.com
Samsung's high-capacity polymer 8000 mAh mobile power bank slim nesting
Intelligent rapid charging, Samsung provides dual USB output interface digital products to meet different charging current, intelligent lock power, higher enhance the current boost function, while effectively reducing the loss of output current, thus improving the conversion efficiency. Samsung's ultra-thin mobile 8000 mAh power bank gift, beautiful, slim, simple design, generous fashion, very suitable for high-end gifts. Built-in 8000 mA polymer batteries, with high efficiency and high quality control panel, with separate charging chip - (Non-Market No Charge IC board). With hardware protection circuit, and another overcharge, over discharge, over current, short circuit protection. Plug and play function, can automatically identify the load switch, the other with a low-voltage automatic shutdown protection function. The components used are all imported electronic materials, quality assurance. Built-in high-quality brand batteries, battery definitely use A product, the company promises will not use secondary batteries or B or C goods products, such as low-quality batteries to produce product!  carausb@aliyun.com  may.yuan@carausb.com
Ultra-thin polymer mobile powerbank 8000Mah mAh
All-aluminum 8000 mA Samsung brand mobile powerbank, metal, imported batteries, using Samsung consistent anodizing process, the surface to form a hard protective layer, do not fade, more wear size 13.2x7.5x1cm.

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