8000 mAh power bank kit including gold pen OTG 8GB usb drive and 8000mAh powerbank

8000 mAh power bank kit including gold pen OTG 8GB usb drive and 8000mAh powerbank
  • Item: PowerBank-0089
  • Dimensions:135*68*10mm
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New ultra-thin metal mobile powerbank 8000 Mah universal charger can be customized capacity LOGO
8000mAh Universal Premium Portable Power Bank, Emergency Battery Charger gift kit including with gold point-pen and OTG golden smart usb flash drives, Mini USB charging Connector for Apple and Android Smartphones. Manufacturers selling new metal polymer powerbank 8000 Mah mobile's power bank, it is fashion gifts, Usb output, powerbank's color in gold, silver, blue, red, black, polymer lithium ion batteries, metal shell material, intelligent processing chip, the top board, the effective management of electricity charge, more safety, wear Aluminum Alloy. More tough and not easy to leave fingerprints, polymer battery recycling 500 times, fast charging for your mobile phone standby time is shortened.
Iphone 5 shape mobile powerbank 8000 Mah titanium shell double USB interface
Diamond ultrathin polymer mobile power, size: 135*68*10mm, capacity: 8000 Mah, display: 4 LED power display, a LED lamp represents 25% battery, charge and discharge, flashing lights. Function: USB output MICRO charging port, dual USB output interface, can also give 2 mobile phone charging power supply: weight. 240 grams. This gift set includes 8000 mAh power bank, a gold ball point pen, and golden smart phone OTG USB dual purpose Usb flash disk, all the colors are gold, luxury high-end custom gift.

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