Real estate custom card mobile power bank plastic shell 2500 mA silk screen customers Logo

Real estate custom card mobile power bank plastic shell 2500 mA silk screen customers Logo
  • Item: PowerBank-0019
  • Dimensions:96*62*6.6mm
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  • Categories: Power Bank

Plastic cards standard 2500 mA mobile power bank
The ultra-thin plastic card mobile power bank supply built-efficient high-quality control board, a separate charging chip. With hardware protection circuit, and another overcharge, over discharge, over current, short circuit protection. Plug and play function, can automatically identify the load switch, the other with a low-voltage automatic shutdown protection function. A high-quality 2500mAh polymer batteries! Beautiful, slim, simple design, generous fashion, very suitable for high-end promotional gifts. This mobile powerbank only 6.6 mm, the ultimate slim. The thin plastic card charge treasure product itself comes comes MICRO-USB output lines and an Iphone 6 adapter, Thin plastic card mobile power, plastic texture, card appearance, pure white background, a large area for printing information can be printed Logo design, creative practical gifts of choice.
Small card mobile powerbank 2500 mA promotional gifts
real estate sales Is a high-end industry, customize a free gift mobile power bank can give customers more emotional care. Small card 2500 mA mobile powerbank card is a good gift choice because of its large printing area, both surfaces can full color printing, silk screen print customer's text and real estate signs.
Plastic card imprint customer information 2500 ma mobile power banks
plastic card Powerbank net weight is 61 grams, easy to carry, suitable for mobile phones, MP3 and other small digital products, power bank cards can provide continuous power, make travel and life more convenient. powerbank is a Smartphones best power partner.
Plastic cards Mobile Powerbanks 2500 mA full color print customized advertising logo

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