China Wealth Wind Fortune PVC modeling 2200 mAh mini cartoon soft universal mobile power bank charging custom gifts

China Wealth Wind Fortune PVC modeling 2200 mAh mini cartoon soft universal mobile power bank charging  custom gifts
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  • Dimensions:15.3x12x3.2cm
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Fortune Master 2200 mAh mobile power bank millet universal mobile power charging device creative gifts can be customized
CaraUSB customize the shape of mobile power bank of Chinese God of Wealth, PVC soft material, new private mode, 3D effects, demonstrating the cute cartoon image Fortuna, in general, this simple little cartoon customized mobile power, capacity is a polymer 18650 battery, the design space is just enough to put a battery, our custom powerbank is the perfect companion for mobile phones.
China Fortune Wind Treasurer modeling new mini cartoon PVC universal 2200 mAh mobile power bank charging treasure custom
Treasurer is in charge of financial resources of the gods in folklore, modern people are very superstitious it. fortune Mobile power bank shell is silicone material, PVC soft, cartoon character cartoon animation series 2200 mAh powerbank, can be customized to any shape and any size, silicone mobile power banks products with environmental protection, waterproof, bright color not fade, durable, vivid , stereoscopic, feel good, nice, you can customize different company Logo. Fortuna mobile power bank 2200 mAh can not be cut with a knife, materials are flammable, the temperature should not exceed 60 degrees.
Treasurer Fortune wholesale new mobile power bank charging treasure oem customized gift 2200 mAh
Chinese God of Wealth creative cartoon mini mobile power bank charging 2200 mAh gifts can be customized OEM
Fortuna is a classical Chinese culture inside the most important role, he was in charge of the power of wealth, you can assign the circulation of wealth, so we are like wild, and worship him. Especially the commercial area, shops, or companies, financial systems and other places, many people are superstitious Fortuna. We like to Fortuna on the most significant place, with the most sincere heart to support Fortuna.

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