4000mAh power bank customized OhChaCha Tea beverage industry promotional gifts

4000mAh power bank customized OhChaCha Tea beverage industry promotional gifts
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  • Dimensions:9x7.7x2.2cm
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4000mAh Power Bank Chargers Portable power pack
Taiwan OhChaCha tea company, wanted to expand their product visibility, so customized a  mobile phone power bank as promotional gifts. We recommended this 4000 mA ultra-thin mobile power bank, a variety of colors to choose from.
Customized Ohchacha Power Bank External Battery Pack
In the mobile power bank front side and back side, we laser engrave milk products name and laser embossed LOGO, contact information. The maximum size of printing client's advertising information.
Cell Phone Power Bank for Ohchacha
Input and output DC 5V, 1.0. Standard portable power bank for your smart mobile phone,  Mobile power bank is now the most popular gifts. We are very dependent on the smartphone. Trip or travel, take pictures when the phone once out of power, it will affect your mood to play, so the mobile power bank is the best straw. Mobile power bank has big area, where can be screen printing, laser engraving or full color print  two-dimensional code, website, company name, brand logo LOGO and other information.
Power Bank 4000mah lithium polymer battery
OhChacha Taiwan International Food Co., Ltd. effort to build high-end tea brands; raw materials from Taiwan, healthy and natural. Main Hokkaido stew grandmother tea and milk drinks series cover: cover mango milk tea ~ Dajia taro milk tea ~ cover wax gourd, OhChaCha tea from Taiwan's largest supplier of raw materials and R & D base. Main stew milk series: the election of Taiwan freshest ingredients, the use of molecular cooking method, the perfect combination of milk and milk stew.

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