Mobile power bank charging battery 10000mAh customized LOGO promotional gifts

Mobile power bank charging battery 10000mAh customized LOGO promotional gifts
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  • Dimensions:96X12.5X5cm
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10000mAh silver metal power bank imprinting corporate logo
Our custom mobile power bank, all products A grade batteries, internal resistance 45, the voltage at 3.9, the international standard batteries, a motherboard with IC protection features: Short circuit protection / overcharge protection / over-discharge protection, the product will not explode, safe and reliable, long service life.
engrave company logo 10000mAh capacity power bank
Custom enterprise LOGO, activity promotional text, business promotion information, holiday gifts, customized capacity: different capacities, different prices, depending on your marketing budget, special customized mobile power bank gifts, custom PCBA board: chip design and program transformation, hardware plates and 3 in 1 software version.
branded 10000mAh promotional gifts power bank silver metal casing
Actual capacity mobile power bank can be customized according to customer requirements, silk screenn printing company LOGO or ads design, OEM orders, we have the price advantage, the new models gift mobile powerbank, constantly updated, and look forward to your call!
10000mAh metalic powerbank branding logo
Mobile power bank 10,000 mAh: sturdy, anti-drop, abrasion, corrosion, no corner edge design to prevent scratches mobile phone;  
2A with high output for mobile phones, tablet PCs, digital cameras and other equipment charge. Two USB interface output to meet the needs of digital enthusiasts. Also has a charging voltage protection, discharge overcurrent, output overvoltage protection, temperature control protection, multiple protection, power conversion efficiency is generally above 90%, the use of AAA-batteries, from raw materials to the process have reached a level of quality, safety green energy innovation.

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