10400 mA large capacity plastic power bank printing Monkey new year logo giveaways

10400 mA large capacity plastic power bank printing Monkey new year logo giveaways
  • Item: PowerBank-0023
  • Dimensions:12.5*3.8*1.8cm
  • E-mail: carausb@aliyun.com
  • Categories: Power Bank

Monkey new year customized gifts powerbank 10400 mAh large capacity power bank
Chinese zodiac years, every year there is a symbol of animal , 2016 is Year of the Monkey, Chinese people like animals, especially monkeys, because it mischievous and clever. New Year gifts, mobile power bank is the best choice, mobile powerbank can be a part accessory of mobile phones. Portable charging equipment, smart digital power reserve.  To celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Monkey 2016, our company specially launched a festive high capacity mobile powerbank 10400 mA. White plastic housing,screen print a red monkey pattern, family reunion dinner,and spring graphics and firecrackers, all are reflected in the Chinese New Year customs.
new year gifts powerbank 10400 mAh customized monkey logo
High-capacity 10400 mAh mobile powerbank supply is a travel companion, best power storage to meet your demand for electricity, make your digital products are full of eletricity.  Customize an exclusive mobile powerbank gifts is the best means of promotion, its large surface can be printed any advertising information, keep exposure of your brand name and corporate image, an advertising powerbank permanent display slogan, so that customers remember you, why not choose custom power products to maintain customer emotions.

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