cartoon mobile power bank 8800mAh backup battery BayMax custom promotional gifts

cartoon mobile power bank 8800mAh backup battery BayMax custom promotional gifts
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  • Dimensions:85x85x25mm
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"Baymax" is from popular movie launched a series of derivatives of promotional gifts, sold worldwide, this is the successful model of Hollywood commercial cinema. White image of one thousand customized hot commodity, such as Baymax doll, baymax clothing, baymax sofa, baymax kettle, baymax LED lights, baymax USB disk, etc., which also received a lot of Baymax mobile power bank suitable for mobile phone users. This honest boyfriend image-Baymax, with a high degree of recognition, for advertising and marketing purposes, is an ideal promotional gifts animation. Hope all the girls, can find their own "Baymax"!
The new ultra-thin white cartoon custom manufacturer of mobile power bank universal mobile phone charging Baymax gift
Mobile power bank has certain emergency functions in power can not produce a large number of digital storage, the mobile powerbank to digital products can power, including solar mobile power banks. As mobile power bank portable electronic products, beautiful appearance, but also has an emergency at night to highlight photographs, outdoor anti-theft security alarm, camping insect repellent and other effects.
Baymax White mobile power bank creative cartoon super custom big hero gift
Brave, considerate, will sell Meng, relying on the skills of these items, "white" rapidly popular in the world, especially in the female perspective, this is a can meet at any time, and in every possible way for you "warm man", to accompany chat, laugh, close defense, flight operations, heal internal and external wounds - simply represents the perfect boyfriend.
cute cartoon Baymax power bank 8800 mAh high-capacity portable universal mobile power bank
"Baymax", in fact, is the Hollywood animated film "Super Marines" in the cartoon character, the image of the design is very simple: The body is compact, streamlined, face two circles with a line, marching penguins slow pace .
Baymax cartoon power bank 8800mAh white ultra-thin mobile charging backup battery
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