Cuboid 2600 mAh Metal power bank LCD digital display with 18650 battery

Cuboid 2600 mAh Metal power bank LCD digital display with 18650 battery
  • Item: PowerBank-0090
  • Dimensions:91mm*23mm*23mm
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Single tube 2600 mAh digital mobile battery charger LCD display capacity
Liquid crystal display lipstick mobile power bank:Function Description with lighting, power percentage display, charge discharge timer, battery pack charger external dimensions: 91mm*23mm*23mm;18650 battery battery power pack;Rechargeable battery with ABS material, aluminum alloy shell plating plug accessories: mobile battery charger color: black, red, blue, pink, etc.It is widely applicable to most types of mobile phone and digital products can be used in USB power supply.It is equipped with a variety of standard charging interface, compatible with most digital products and mobile phone charging port, plug charging.The power supply provides life for your Iphone battery pack, iPad, iPod, PDA, MP3, MP4, PSP, GPS, mobile phone, Bluetooth, tablet computer and other digital products.The built-in hardware overcharge and overdischarge protection IC, accurate and safety.Intelligent power management solutions - SCM, stable and efficient.Super endurance, portability, extraordinary texture.
Digital display mobile powerbank battery pack charger rectangle tube power bank 2600mah

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