4000 mAh powerbank Kobe Bryant Retired Memorial gifts Slim promotional power bank

4000 mAh powerbank Kobe Bryant Retired Memorial gifts Slim promotional power bank
  • Item: PowerBank-0014
  • Dimensions:123 * 70 * 10 mm
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Kobe Bryant image custom power bank 4000mAh
Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, NBA over the past few decades, the two most important business card. One is the dominant television viewing times, a league spokesman for the Internet age.  Bryant gets 60 points, the highest points of the season, and led the Lakers beat the Jazz reversed.  Kobe Bryant, 1978 Nian. 8 23, American professional basketball player, the functional guard. Since 1996, he played for the NBA Los Angeles Lakers.  American professional basketball player. Basketball Players striking tribute to "24", numeral 24 represents Bryant jersey No. 24, purple dial with gold pointer spaced a symbol of "purple and gold" - Los Angeles Lakers accomplishments and glory.
Kobe Bryant image basketball concept power bank 4000mAh
Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant ushered in the last fight of his career, the fans chanted the name of this great - Kobe Bryant. He is considered one of the NBA's most complete player, Kobe Bryant is a prolific scorer, goodbye, Kobe Bryant, his farewell performance as a Hollywood script routines like - big happy ending. Qiuyi number: 24, Height: 1.98 m Weight: 93.0 kg in 2010, the fifth Bryant won the NBA championship, once again become the hero of the city of Los Angeles. Los Angeles Lakers 20 carrier battle, Kobe Bryant called one of the toughest of competitive sports, the most self-confident professional.
Kobe Bryant image basketball fans Premiums power bank 4000mAh
Kobe Bryant image customization power bank is designed for basketball fans launched a commemorative gift, the best gift to commemorate, miss basketball time. Power can carry great USB charging devices, smart phones can not do without additional power. This is a slim 4000 mAh powerbank, ABS plastic shell, gold plated metal frame. Kobe Bryant image power bank 4000 mAh suitable for basketball club fans, slim powerbanks 4000 mAh, USB Charging device for smart mobile phones.
Kobe Bryant image basketball club power bank 4000mAh
Product parameters:
1, built-in with a 606090# 4000 mAh polymer batteries
2, two USB output ports, input: 5V / 1A Output: 5V / 1A & 2A
3, charging time: 8-10 hours
4, can be recycled more than 500 times,
5, four battery indicator lights, with LED flashlight
6, bare metal weight: 145 g
7, product size: 123 * 70 * 10 mm
8, shell material: ABS material vacuum plating process
9, Color: white / blue / yellow / pink

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