custom clip mobile power bank 3000 mAh ultra-thin polymer rechargeable charger

custom clip mobile power bank 3000 mAh ultra-thin polymer rechargeable charger

 3000 mAh  thin aluminum clip Power bank charging device
Battery Capacity Capacity: 3000mAh
Batteries Class A product polymer batteries
Input 5.0V / 500 mA MicroUSB
Output 5.0V / 1000mA MicroUSB * 1
Appearance of the material ABS + UV
Battery life ≥500 times charge-discharge cycles
Standard Micro USB converter cable. Crystal box packaging
Color specification white / black / Custom Color 99 * 50 * 14mm
product weight
Bare metal weighs about 90g, a full set weighs about 210g

Private molded polymer thin aluminum band clamp customized mobile power power bank
Full 3000mAh, the main outdoor, waterproof, sporty fashion slim mobile power clip. Exclusive private touch, factory direct gift logo customized.
Private mode mobile power 3000 mAh clamp thin aluminum Power bank charging treasure
The official standard: host + line + Crystal box packing.

New private mode clip slim mobile powerbank
Are you in charge because too much time with the mobile power brought trouble? Is there a mobile power on the bag shaking leads to poor interface beset it, then this pocket clip Mobile power can when shopping on the pocket clip, pants belt, caught in the bag, you do not have to worry about when to bring you the trouble charging pocket mobile power mobile power is your first choice, are you waiting for what?

Slim Mobile Power bank 3000 mAh clamp polymer aluminum portable charger
Pocket Mobile Power  bank  research and development of new products, light, thin, bright colors, aluminum alloy material, easy to scratch, high-end atmosphere on the grade, batteries polymer batteries, security, and high-proof.

factory direct supply Clip ultra-thin metal phone mobile power bank charging
Name: pocket clip mobile power
Color: gold, silver, black, blue, red
Capacity: 3000 mA
Batteries: polymer batteries
Packing: PE plastic box
Accessories: a Micro Data line
Material: Aluminum

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