Power Bank charging usb Bluetooth speakers plus multi-function phone holder 4000 mAh

Power Bank charging usb Bluetooth speakers plus multi-function phone holder 4000 mAh
  • Item: PowerBank-0055
  • Dimensions:135x30x30mm
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Mobile power bank and phone holder Bluetooth speaker style customized gifts 3500 mAh
Bluetooth Speaker and phone holder, mobile power, three high-tech digital gifts, rubber oil, soft touch housing. Battery type: Lithium battery, Battery capacity: 3500 mA, input: 5V / 1A (Max), output: 5V / 1A (Max), mobile power Size: 137 * 30 * 30 mm. You can choose the housing color: yellow, blue, black, silver, red, rosy red, green.
4000 mA mobile power bank Bluetooth speaker phone charging gift creative gifts Phone holder
Cylindrical mobile power bank, can be used as Bluetooth speakers to use, you can also charge the phone, in addition, can also be used as a mobile phone holder, very innovative 3-in-1 design, easy outdoor sports, it is also very suitable for long-distance travel.
Creative gift speaker Bluetooth mobile power bank charging treasure outdoors riding high capacity 3500 mAh
Bluetooth speaker style power bank 3500 mAh, very easy to use, simple and portability, cylindrical volume, easily into a pocket or palm, charging equipment, a mini Bluetooth speaker powerbank, and handset holder.
Creative gift speaker Bluetooth mini authentic mobile power bank 4000 mAh wholesale
One end has a speaker, another end has an USB mobile power connector, standard packaging, as well as two free data lines, for retail or wholesale, mobile power 3500 mA, it is suitable pockets and counters, high-grade rubber oil spray onto the casing, silky feel, very rare 3-in-1 digital gifts.Bluetooth mobile power speaker + charging cable + Audio cable + manual + boxed
a, Bluetooth stereo, with speakerphone, Bluetooth wireless to connect your phone to play music;
b, mobile power, built-in 4000 mA batteries, can charge their cell phones once;
c, can be used for mobile phones and tablet lazy bracket;
d, after connecting Bluetooth cell phone can do the self-timer
e, available 3.5 audio cable to connect a variety of digital equipment to do the loud sound
f, stylish, compact, gifts to share essential travel.
Bluetooth speaker phone holder Mobile Power bank 3500 mA mobile charging triple cylindrical creative gift
Screen printing your logo, color printing your company name, branded info or advertising text, our custom high-end mobile power bank is popular gifts, including triple functional Bluetooth speakers, cell phone holder, mobile powerbank, this gadget is the best of fashion items.

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