DEBOX Ultra-thin plastic card-custom gift 4000 mA mobile power banks

DEBOX Ultra-thin plastic card-custom gift 4000 mA mobile power banks
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  • Dimensions:11.6x6.6x0.66cm
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DEBOX open panoramic sun room custom mobile card-type mobile powerbank 4000 mA
Capacity: 4000mAh (polymer battery),Rated Capacity: 18.5Wh, 4000 mA power bank Size: 11.6x6.6x0.66cm, Net weight: 97g, Charge mode: CC / CV, Input voltage: 5.V ± 0.5V, Output voltage: 5.5V ± 0.5V, Maximum charge current: 1A, Maximum output current: 1000 mA, Input power: from the power adapter charging, computer USB port. Best New Year's gifts, a variety of color printing company Logo, two-dimensional code, phone number, website or advertising slogan.
Debox integrated intelligent mobile sun room building custom gift card mobile power bank  4000 mA
Slim card style gift mobile power, built-in 4000 mA polymer batteries, comes MICRO-USB output cable, carrying Apple adapter. Beautiful, slim, simple design, generous fashion, very suitable for high-end gifts. Built-in charging cable mobile power inside the card. Eliminating the trouble.
German construction company Debox custom gift cards Mobile Power banks 4000 mA
Ultra-thin plastic card type mobile power bank, ideal for customized advertising customer's design, mobile power card has a very large area, can be silk screen printing, full color printing various ads copy and logo design, 4000 mA powerbank to meet the charging most mobile phones.
DEBOX open panoramic sun room mobile system customization 4000 mA mobile powerbanks
DEBOX open panoramic sun room mobile system is to achieve a high degree of comfort, low-power system expert living environment, so stylish sun room system combined with Chinese architectural style, Debox manufactured 360 degree panoramic sun room intelligent mobile systems, is to the concept of sustainable development to carry out building, residential projects attempt a large-scale technology development, integrated use of the international sustainable building technologies.

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