10400mah stone power bank cobblestone powerbanks pebble mobile charger

10400mah stone power bank cobblestone powerbanks pebble mobile charger
  • Item: PowerBank-0093
  • Dimensions:13*8.1*3.5cm
  • E-mail: carausb@aliyun.com
  • Categories: Power Bank

cobblestone powerbank 10400 mAh
Soft texture of the pebble shape, Zen meaning a strong connotation, greater capacity, full power, bring it instantly travel. 10400mAh large capacity, you can charge the iPhone 4 times! Designers in the small river on the beach to see the childhood toy pebbles, so the design of this rounded scrub feel three-dimensional stone powerbank. Pebble mobile powerbank 10400 mAh Samsung Apple millet general creative cute mobile phone charging treasure powerbanks,Security intelligent management chip, original Samsung batteries, fast red, good quality, dual USB output. Large capacity "cobblestone" original mobile power banks. It has a large capacity of 10400 mAh, to meet your attachment to smart devices, whether it is travel, private or travel, fresh and natural pebble modeling powerbanks can let everyone find the feeling of return to nature, scrub the surface feel good, net weight is 184grams.
cobble stone shape powerbank 10400mAh
Childhood memories, a humble stone, size is 13x8.1x3.5cm, as if full of magic, find the lost good, CaraUSB for you to bring pebbles mobile powerbanks 10400 mAh, large capacity and full of Zen. Brown, blue and beige, three colors optional, 10400mAh large capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery, shape seductive: rounded stone shape, surface matte treatment, power tips: 4 blue LED lights show the state of charge, environmentally friendly packaging Box is fine PVC plastic box, can be used again.
pebble mobile charger 10400 mAh shingle powerbanks
Cobblestone powerbanks 10400 mAh, the touch surface has a rough rocky grainy feel, simulating the real rocky surface, and a seamless oval stone shape. High-capacity charging equipment for iphone, ipad, GPS and other digital equipment life, pebble mobile power bank 10400 mAh for long-distance travel is the best battery companion. This is your magic stone mobile powerbank.

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