What is the difference between artificial leather usb disk and PU leather flashdrives?

How to identify leather Usb disk shell? 
This is a problem that many users are concerned about, as a gift, many companies have chosen leather Usb flash disk shell leather, but in the actual birth process, it is difficult to control Leather Usb disk manufacturers are not using leather, how Tell leather it, here we introduce several common identification method.
Here are some common ways to discriminate and leather Usb flash memory dermis:
If you touch the leather surface smooth (grain processed into coarse skin in addition), soft, plump and flexible feel is the dermis.
Look mainly used to identify the type and quality of skin grain leather, the leather surface was observed more obvious pores and pattern, and although synthetic leather imitation pores, but not Bi really is not clear. Another synthetic leather layer of textile as the opposite of the bottom plate, the bottom plate is used in textiles to increase its tensile strength, but the opposite is not the dermis layer that textiles, this authentication is the most simple and practical way.
Good quality leather is generally no smell, all leather has a leather smell, pungent odor if there is likely to be handled properly during tanning and some excessive use of chemical raw materials.
After the dermis and hair smell after ignition ignite smell almost, but not end after burning lumps with your fingers can shape into grinding; pungent smell of leather after ignition, combustion and form lumps.

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