How to custom an USB disk with company logo or U disk customization process?

How to custom an USB disk with company logo or U disk customization process?
Custom U disk means including the printed logo, or according to the company requirements, a personalized Usb flash disk custom gifts, can be customized its capacity, color, packaging and accessories, Below is Custom Usb disk Process:
1. Select Usb pen drive style
Determine the number of products and capacity. Please provide your own design style design artwork, we can open new mold design on behalf of clients (Refer to U disk mold). U disk offer (often because the chip price fluctuations, the price of a single subject to the following day. Even the same product, different numbers are different price, to be determined with the sales staff).
2. LOGO printing
Screen printing, color printing, laser, embossing and the like. Screen: Usually on a plane the following four-color color, color: color LOGO card Usb  sticks or complex laser: wood or metal Usb flash memory shell style, imprinting: used on leather or leather style packaging.
3. Select Usb drives packaging accessories
Plastic boxes, plastic, metal, wood box. Our gift boxes can be customized according to requirements. Usb disk factory CaraUSB also offers accessories Usb pendrive order, design, Usb thumb drive accessories such as customized services.
4. Custom Usb flash drive renderings
Our designers according to your requirements renderings out. Provide the LOGO AI, CorelDRAW documents, in order to provide vector LOGO no mistakes, provide LOGO Pantone color number.
5. Custom contract signed
Sign a contract and pay a 30% down payment of the total purchase price. You need to determine the custom U disk style, quantity and color and packing, delivery time, and the responsibility of breach of contract after the parties signed the agreement to ensure the sale of your service.
6. Usb disk production and processing orders
According to the requirements of the order, we produce processing U disk. Our factory has a complete production line, Usb disk chip to go through three to testing before shipment, customers ordering U disk products, product quality is guaranteed ten years.
7. Inspection pay the balance due
Factory to pay the balance after passing inspection, Shenzhen delivery to customers, foreign customers to pay the balance after delivery, we provide products real shot pictures.
All products by air, land and sea transport, and charge d'affaires customs procedures. Transport costs are not included in the product price.
8. Usb disk service
Do ordinary chip products for free 5-year warranty. Black gel to make products for 1 year free warranty service (warranty details, please refer to the Treaty).
(1). Non-human cases under the warranty period will be responsible for free repair.
(2). Man-made damage, shell damage is not void the warranty.  WhatsApp +86-150-14148476

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