SOE administrative units often choose conference gifts Usb disk giveaways

SOE administrative units often choose conference gifts Usb disk giveaways!
Hello everyone, with the Chinese gift industry has matured, state-owned administrative units often choose conference gifts Usb disk has become a trend, many domestic state-owned enterprises on the choice CaraUSB administrative unit as their partner and gift Usb flash supplier, What Usb drive will be affected by state-owned administrative units welcome? Today to introduce the factory to do a number of cases, hoping to help you!
Metal Chinese wind characteristics Chinese knot Usb sticks 4GB / 8GB / 2GB / 16GB  Classical
China Unicom, the customized Chinese knot Usb flash disk as a holiday gift, but also a metaphor for China knot Usb drive in a traditional style, calling China Ping! Selected this Chinese knot Usb pendrive with praise of life, meaning the burning of passion, in line with China Unicom publicity Better Life slogan.
Agricultural Bank of China card type Usb flash memory custom gift
Agricultural Bank of China to promote online banking, custom bank card Usb drives gifts, promotional Agricultural Bank of China e Era to win a wonderful idea. Gift Card Usb disk is the current most banks have more representatives in advertising gifts and practical gift, the gift of choice for electronic industry. The name card Usb memory can be double-sided color printing, not only can attract people's eyes, but also show the corporate image.
Small fat Usb flash memory, Sony Usb flash disk rotating metal manufacturer
China Merchants Bank in Shenzhen office custom metal small fat Usb flashdrives gifts, presented to customers as a small gift. Stainless steel is a relatively small fat Usb disk rotating hot styles, this Usb flash memory of the high price of metal U disk inside the most expensive models, and the appearance of relatively simple, can create enterprise LOGO small fat U disk products and advertising logo, your business gifts, conferences, promotional gifts of choice for Usb drives.
Commercial Bank of China blue and white porcelain U disc custom gift
Commercial Bank of China Guizhou Branch of blue and white porcelain U disk custom gift, as the promotion of electronic banking online banking small gifts. Blue and white porcelain Usb flash disc excellent shape design and rich Chinese style, giving the Patriots this Usb disk unusual charm. Blue and white porcelain Usb thumb drive not only visually beautiful, but comfortable, with blue and white sketch artistic FIG ornaments, vivid in the current design essence of Chinese traditional blue and white porcelain, in addition, as fashion accessories Usb flash memory, you can also think of it as ornaments and phone match.
China Great Wall Coins Investment Co., Ltd. Usb disk gifts customized BRIC
China Great Wall Coins Investment Co. BRIC Usb drives custom gift is from Shenzhen Guobin the new gold coinage is issued promotional souvenirs. Gold bar Usb pen drive, gifts BRIC BRIC is shaped like a shell of gold, gold-plated exterior design, gift Usb disk price is not too cheap. gold bars also customize a special gift box with gold, won the majority of its members the recognition and praise, guests get the praise.
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