Usb flash disk style classification
U disk according to style classification can be divided into about dozens of major categories, hundreds of subcategories, thousands of Usb disk styles, mainly cartoon U-disk, animal Usb flash disk, blue and white porcelain Usb drive, China U disc, mini Usb drives, Rotating Usb memory disk, in-line Usb flash, Usb disc with cap, pen-shaped Usb thumb drives, jewelry flash disk, card USB flash drive, rotating Usb sticks, watch Usb memory, ultra-thin Usb flash disc, wrist Usb pendrive, diamond Usb drivers, Epoxy Usb memoria, block Usb flash drives, push and pull Usb flash driver, brooch Usb memory sticks, Christmas Usb flash memory, car Usb disk, key USB disc, aircraft USB drive, robot USB flash memory disk and so on. As a large Usb disk manufacturer in Shenzhen, CaraUSB will continue to introduce new Usb flash disk custom styles for you to choose, we professionally customize a variety of business U disk, in addition to the choice of U disk style but also pay attention to printing their own LOGO; as Business gifts, very much in need of high-end atmosphere gift USB flash drive products, retail customers can also do business with us, card Usb memory drives can be printed on a large area Logo, suitable for activities as gifts, and some thumb drives though beautiful appearance, but the surface available The printing area of ​​LOGO is very small, we deliberately remind our customers to make sure to choose the appropriate U disk style when making a Usb flash drive.  please contact sales telephone: 0086-15014148476 or write via Email:

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