Usb disk can not stop Generic volume solution

Usb disk can not stop Generic volume solution, How to do?
Usually after we finished U disk use on the computer, always at the bottom right select the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" in order to safely exit U disk, but users often encounter does not send security Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media always prompted U disk can not stop generic volume device please wait stopping the device again, leading to a lot of friends fear damage U disk, so not dare pull out the U disk, then the U disk can not stop generic volume how to solve it? CaraUSB teach you how to use the good U disk.
       Usually leads U disk can not stop Generic volume, as well as related operations are mainly associated with the U disk, for example, we copied from the U disk, sheared files or file transfer, and also run, etc., will result in U disk can not stop Generic volume. Further U disk virus, can lead to U disk file virus constantly to read U disk, leading to a similar phenomenon, let's share under the U disk can not stop Generic volume solution.
1, first rule out the interference of the virus
       If you U disk may be unsafe in some occasions too, it appears U disk can not stop Generic volume, fast passenger V + hey letter: hei ke 1122 it is recommended that you first use antivirus software antivirus detection, if there is a virus, clean out and then try, if there is no virus, and then look down at the same time or not.
2, try to copy what other things
       Usually when we're all using U disk or network U disk copy something, or something is to copy and paste from the U disk, this situation, it is easy to copy U disk inside the file, causing the file has been copied in a system cut copy board where is inactive. And in this case we want to safely remove U disk, it would appear the above prompt U disk can not be stopped.
       Solution: We can not open a Web page, and then cut or copy the contents of the URL or click on the page or something, you can be replaced in the system off before the cut and paste board in the file, so the system will not talk to U disk association, and then go safely exit U disk, often found on it.
3, try to end off "rundll32.exe" process
       If the above method is still not available, then try to enter the Task Manager by simultaneously pressing: Ctrl + Alt + Del shortcut, then select rundll32.exe process to end off, if there is more than the process, all over out.
4, other methods
       If the above still does not work (this is rare, you may wish to consider turning off the computer or reboot to complete, and no additional time to read the data on the U disk, we can generally pull U disk directly, the chance of damage is very small but there is definitely not a case of direct plug, that is, when the U disk that little red light, a small light kept flashing at the time said it is constantly reading and writing large numbers of data (such as movies or copy large files), this time do not pull U disk, or is likely to occur ranging from damage to data, while in U disk scrapped.

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