The hotel opened ceremony, what new gifts circular Epoxy Usb disk?

The hotel opened ceremony, what new gifts circular Epoxy Usb disk?
New hotels opened, visitors from around the world, travelers, in addition to the hotel to enjoy the impeccable architectural appearance and style. If you can get a hotel belonging circular Epoxy Usb flash disk, identification of commemorative gifts, Usb disk gifts can be a souvenir hotel marketing activities to commemorate the gift Usb flash drives is very cheap customized stuff, Usb pendrive shell variety selection, metal, leather, wood, composite paper, plastics, soft and bamboo. Usb drive shell color is a wide variety of surface color is customizable, in addition, Usb memory sticks shape appearance and logo and other details can be customized, printed U-front hotel logo in English, in addition, also the hotel's business philosophy can be printed and welcome words, very unique, and any Usb flash drive is unique push-pull design, rotary, ultra-thin, in-line, fashionable and high-end fashion, but also with key ring, so it is more convenient to carry, not easy to lose Usb thumb drive, is a combination of hotel rooms, food, entertainment as one of the residences. Get a new hotel opening round Epoxy U disk.

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