Tips detected disk drive is not formatted and the disk 0 byte, not open disk

Tips detected disk drive is not formatted and the disk 0 byte, not open disk

Usb disk common problems and solutions - 1  

It detects suggesting that the disk is not formatted, do you want to format? 0 bytes disk, the disk can not be opened.
In the process of using the Usb disk often encounter can not format the flash disk and usb thumb drive properties displayed as 0 bytes problems. When you insert Usb sticks, double-click to open Usb flash memory, it will pop up a prompt window of "your disk is not formatted, whether to format." When you click OK after formatting, and prompts you to "windows was unable to complete the format." Right-click on the Usb disk we view the "Properties", you'll find free space and used space show 0 bytes

This happens, partly because the Usb disk itself quality problems, on the other hand is our improper operation.
Step 1: Right-click the U disk "Properties" - "Tools" - "Check" - "Automatically fix and restore." The success rate of this method is very low, if no response, then you proceed to the next step.
Step 2: Google search "Usboot tool" to find and download Usboot tool, running Usboot tool in "HDD mode" for Usb disk formatted force. We follow the prompts to plug Usb sticks software, using this method, although forced to format the flash disk, flash drive but some may still show 0 bytes, still no way to open U disk, this step can only get part of the flash disk, if We can not get to continue to the next step!
Step 3: If you think the "first step" and "second step" a lot of trouble, then you can perform operations directly to the third step, we open U disk, view the Usb drive chip model, then we on Baidu production tools to search for the model to solve the problem!
These three steps can solve most Usb flash memory property shows 0 bytes and can not be formatted problems. If you still can not solve the problem, it is estimated that your Flash chip Usb thumb drive broken.

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